Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers

Thank you very much for looking at my  website. Listed below are answers to questions you may like answering .


Q: Are these fresh or silk flowers?

A: All of my designs are made using high quality silk/artificial flowers.This does not mean they are less costly than fresh flowers because high quality silk/artificial flowers can cost you as much as fresh flowers,but you do have the added bonus that you can keep them forever, and you wont have to spend more money having them preserved .

*please note* flowers is a term used by most people,they are infact faux silk or artificial flowers....and are not real silk flowers

Q: You don't seem to include any prices - why is this?

A: I believe that showing prices is not the way for my business, this is due to many reasons, the main one being that I like to work with a bride-to-be's budget. You may have a particular design in mind, but wonder if it's more than you can afford... but I could probably make a similar design to meet your budget. All our designs are very different in cost, due to size/style/design/quantity and flowers required. This is why we should discuss in as much detail as possible, e.g. style and flowers required, age of bridesmaids etc. etc. Once this is comfirmed I will happily send you a free no obligation quotation. But trust me, you will find my prices very competitive indeed for bespoke silk wedding flowers.

Q: What if when my order arrives I am not 100% happy?

A: This has never happened to me as yet because of my dedication to my ladies.. from day one, I will send piccies of your designs for your approval, if you are 100% happy, I will then post, and if your order isn't to your satisfaction when it arrives... I will happilly discuss a refund or exchange IF they are different from the pictures I sent to you for your approval BEFORE I POSTED.

Q. I'm on a small budget, are you expensive?

A: Not at all, my prices are very competitive indeedy, especially as i offer a "one to one service.

 I will always try to meet your budget or offer an alternative and definitely not as expensive as your local florist. Furthermore, many florists are unable to  forward pictures or  keep in constant contact with you -  this is an integral part of our business - we're always happy to help.

Q: How long before my order will be ready?

A: This depends on how large your order is and your payment method, but you would have your order within 1 to 4 weeks at the very latest

(unless we make arrangements for a later completion due to larger orders)

Q: My wage doesnt go into the bank till the end of the month - would you wait for payment?

A: Of course I will, and if you need extra time for payment if your order is very large(over £500) I can arrange this with you. I do realise that weddings can be very expensive

I'm with you 100 % of the way.... but I can't always promise this option. I accept the following payment methods: cheques, postal orders, PayPal, bank transfer.

Q: What are your contact hours?

 A: Pass!  I am usually online from 5 am and throughout the day/eve, 7 days a week, so you are welcome to

 email me anytime, and I usually respond very quickly, depending on my orders or wholesale trips etc....if you dont hear from me within 48hrs hours...please try again...your email may have got lost in cyber space?or my pc may be down

Q: Do you have more pictures of your designs which can be emailed me?

A:.I do have various albums  containing lots of designs which I have completed for other very happy brides which may have have not  been added to my website as yet ,if you cant see what you are looking for try this link 

When browsing my website bear in mind that I am able to design in most colours and quantities.


Q: What if I can't see a design I would truly love?

A: I'm up for any challenge, so I'm sure with your ideas and my expertise...together we WILL design your dream bouquet! if you have a pic from another website?  then i am happy to make a simular design...but i NEVER EVER COPY another florists designs

Q: Are you a professional florist?

A: Yes I am a professional florist with many years' experience. I used to own my own florists shop,so I am used to dealing with many happy and stressed brides!

Q: If I decide to accept your quotation when will you start my order?

A: If you accept my quotation I will talk things over with you and arrange a completion date suitable for both parties

Q: What payments do you accept

A: I'm happy to accept most payments, but my prefered method is by bank/online transfer

Q: What are your costs for P&P?

A: This depends on the size of your order. I 100% recomend special delivery, as your order is fully guaranteed for loss or damage to the value of £500 and grt's next day delivery before 1pm(excl sat del)

I hope I have answered most questions for you, but if I have not please don't hesitate to enquire further. I will deal with your enquiry promptly and efficiently. Your enquiry is very important to me and I look forward to hearing from you again. I would also like to point out that all my ladies are very special to me. I have made lots of email buddies because of this reason, and hopefully you might also be added to my buddy list. 



when contacting me if you could give me as much detail as pos so i can offer you a FREE no obligation quotation....i.e

your wedding date

your place of marriage...especially if you are marrying abroad as some flowers and designs are more robust than others for travel purposes


this will help me deal with your enquirey more quickly and efficiently...because as you can imagine i recieve many many enquiries per day...and if all the above are easily visible to me, then i can reply much more quickly...because it saves me searching through hundreds and hundreds of my pictures to find the designs you are enquiring about.

***below is a perfect example of how you could enquire about your wedding flower order..and will able me to respond much more efficiently***

1 x brides calla handtied...i would like gold bling and gold bow

jody c1" (po)

 brides calla handtied

jody c1"  brides calla handtied

2 x adult bridesmaids calla compliment my bouquet" but smaller"

2 x flowergirl compliment the above...for ages 4 & 7yrs

1 x grooms compliment my bouquet

1 x bestmans buttonhole

5 x wedding party buttonholes for ushers,dads etc

2 x pageboys buttonholes for ages 2 & 4

2 x mums corsages


please also mention if you love a design on my website but would like it in your colour theme, i may have a picture  in your col theme

please read my testimonials/thankyou's if you have any doubts whatsoever regards my designs or personal service