Silk Wedding Flowers (Packages)

PLEASE NOTE....We can create MOST packages in most combinations and colour themes.....PLEASE SEE OUR POSY & TEARDROP COLLECTIONS for more inspiration
Most of our teardrop bouquets are made in the oasis type bouquet holder and we can usually add bling/feathers etc to most designs ,so if you *kerry 231pkg*brides calla lily bouquet and 4 assorted sized bridesmaids calla lily wands see a design you love but it doesn't have the added accessories you would love....its not a problem....just mention this when you enquire

*linda f...pkg* a brides calla lily over arm bouquet with bear grass ivory ribbon and diamante pins,shown with complimenting adult bridesmaids smaller over arm bouquet,grooms buttonhole and bestmans buttonhole

1pkg emma.

2pkg carrie

3pkg rene

4pkg terry

5pkg harriet

6pkg jenny

7pkg mandy



10 PKG/ *lucy pkg* a brides posy/bouquet of ivory roses with complimenting 2 x adult wands & 3 x flowergirl wands

11pkg *carly teardrop bouquet pkg*a brides teardrop bouquet of assorted ivory roses/ivy/and lots of gems/crystals.finished with a pretty royal blue bow/ribbon with complimenting adult and younger bridesmaids/flowergirl wands

12pkg *cheryl pkg* a brides bouquet of purple/ivory roses with lots of gems and butterflies ..shown with complimenting adult bridesmaids wand

13pkg *nicola r...ppkg* a brides bouquet of cadbury purple roses/ivory roses/ivory tulips/spider leaves/silver spiral beads and purple gems/crystals and finished with a pretty cadbury purple bow.shown with complementing adult bridesmaids bouquet and flowergirl wand

*14pkg gemma w *pkg .. a brides purple rose posy with purple and clear gems.shown with complimenting bridesmaids posies and flowergirl wand

15pkg *beth pkg* a petite brides handtied calla lily bouquet with gold spiral beads/gold wired gems and finished with a red satin ribbon. shown with 3 x calla lily wands to compliment

16pkg *anita s...pkg*a brides gerbera and rose bouquet with hot pink beads with diamantes and pink gems.finished with a pretty ivory ribbon bow shown with complimenting 4 x assorted gerbera/rose wands & adult bridesmaids posy/bouquet

17pkg.....* ria pkg* a brides bouquet made with cadbury purple roses/silver butterflies/white butterfly/silver wired purple gems and finished with a pretty ivory bow/ribbon.shown with complimenting adult bridesmaids bouquet & grooms buttonhole

18PKG " steph* sunflowers/roses/diamante pins/black gems brides bouquet & finished off with a pretty black bow/ribbon shown with compliment 1 x chief bridesmaids bouquet & 2 x adult bridesmaids ivory rose posies with black gems and silver ribbon.

19PKG *steph bm/pkg"1 x chief bridesmaids bouquet + 2 x adult bridesmaids ivory rose posies/bouquets with black gems & silver ribbon

20pkg IMG_0403*ami w....pkg* a brides calla lily bouquet with looped grasses,varied butterflies and silver spiral beads. finished with pretty purple ribbon.shown here with 3 x adult bridesmaids calla lily bouquets ,1 x flowergirls butterfly wand+corsage]

21pkg *ami w....pkg* a brides calla lily bouquet with looped grasses,varied butterflies and silver spiral beads. finished with pretty purple ribbon. shown here with 3 x adult bridesmaids calla lily bouquets.

22pkg *gemma o...pkg. a small hand tied teardrop calla lilie bouquet with bear grasses ivory ribbon and crystals/gems/bling.shown here with 3 x adult bridesmaids hand tied calla lily bouquets

23pkg *tracy m.....pkg* a brides bouquet/posy of ivory roses with diamante pins and caged blue/clear gems. finished off with a pretty light blue ribbon and bow. shown here with complimenting grooms buttonhole

24pkg *tracy f...pkg* a brides gerbera and rose bouquet with turquoise gems and turquoise ribbon/bow.shown here with a flowergirls wand & 2 x complimenting adult bridesmaids double gerbera wrist corsages

25pkg *samantha C...pkg* a brides calla lily bouquet with looped grasses.looped gems and merlot ribbon. shown here with junior bridesmaids wand and tot flower girls wand to compliment the brides bouquet.

1a pkg"sabrina 082po* a brides posy/bouquet of roses/gerberas/gyp/diamantes/purple gems finished with a pretty purple bow.shown here with brides "toss bouquet" and 4 adult bridesmaids posies

2a pkg*becky 071 pkg* a brides bouquet of ivory tulips and red roses with spider leaves...finished with a pretty deep red/claret/bergundy bow.shown here with maid oh honour bouquet and 4 x adult wands ...all to compliment

3a pkg *melanie 093 pkg* a brides bouquet of purple & ivory roses,purple and clear gems .finished with a pretty purple bow.shown with adult bridesmaids posies and flowergirl wand

4a pkg*vicky 029 ppkg* a brides calla lily bouquet with black ribbon and silver gems with 4 adult bridesmaids wands,and 2 x flowergirl wands

5a pkg *kerry 0236 pkg* a brides ivory/purple bouquet with purple and clear gems/purple bow and teardrop pearls on stem shown with complimenting flowergirl wand and top table decoration

6a pkg*laura & scott 010 pkg* a brides bouquet of claret roses with diamante pins and black ribbon/bow...seen here with complimenting adult and junior bouquets plus flowergirls wand

7a pkg *ann 937 pkg*
a brides bouquet of ivory roses mixed with purple thistles,purple anemones & purple lavender.finished with a pretty purple bow and silver wired gems up the stems.with complimenting bridesmaids wands,plus a grooms & complimenting pageboys buttonholes

8a pkg* tracy 937 pkg* a brides calla lily bouquet with lots of gems and complimenting flowergir butterfly/calla lily wands. this col theme is navy blue/silver/ivory

9a pkg*emma 937 pkg* a brides bouquet of cadbury purple roses,diamante pins,purple & clear gems,butterflies with pretty ivory 2 bridesmaids posies and 2 flowergirls wands to compliment

10a pkg*butterfly package*
a brides cadbury purple bouquet with butterflies & gems with matching flowergirls butterfly wand

11a pkg*katie 946 pkg*
a brides bouquet of hot pink and ivory tulips & roses with silver bling and spider leaves plus 2 bridesmaids bouquets to compliment

12a pkg*jayne 939 pkg*
a brides calla lily bouquet with lisianthus..purple & silver gems plus looped grasses with matching adults bridesmaids wand

13a pkg*candy 940 pkg*
a brides bouquet & 2 x adult bridesmaids bouquets. the bouquets have plum/purple/aubergine roses and silver caged gems and the 2 toned roses have black diamante pins. the stems are balck and fineshed with a pretty plum/purply/aubergine bow

14a pkg *jude 911 pkg*
1 x brides bouquet of purple roses & purple gems + 2 x adult bridesmaids calla lily bouquets with grasses + purple gems and purple ribbon.

15a pkg*kirsty "mc"
pkg*a brides an adults bridesmaids handtied posy of calla lilies/tulips/roses/spider leaves and gems + grooms double thistle buttonholes with 5 wedding party thistle buttonholes

16a pkg claire & michaels PACKAGE of brides bouquet of cadbury purple roses and purple and clear gems/diamantes and 3 x assorted sizes posies of ivory roses/purple bling and purple bow

17a pkg*shell pkg* a brides bouquet of ivory roses/orchids& freesias ,finished with a pretty blue bow plus assorted sized bouquet for 3 bridesmaids

"janet 14 "
18a pkg brides teardrop bouquet and 3 small bridesmaids posies

Hi Linda,

Just to let you know that the flowers have arrived safely and they are absolutely amazing - I am really, really pleased!!! They look sooo much better in real life and will fit in with my colour scheme perfectly - many thanks for all your hard work, I will definitely r*kerry 231pkg*brides calla lily bouquet and 4 assorted sized bridesnaids calla lily wandsecommend you to any of my family and friends in the future. The little bouquets are really very pretty and just right for the children - I am sure they will be over the moon with them.
I am also really appreciative of your continuous updates and information received during the making of them - this has allayed my fe*kerry 231pkg*brides calla lily bouquet and 4 assorted sized bridesnaids calla lily wandsars and ensured that I have been kept informed at every stage.
I will send you some pictures when we return from Cyprus but in the meantime please feel free to use any of my comments on your website or to recommend to prospective clients. I would be more than happy to speak to them direct via email if they have any fears in relation to employing you.
Kind regards and many thanks again,

19a pkg*kerry 231pkg*
brides calla lily bouquet and 4 assorted sized bridesmaids/flowergirls calla lily wands

Hia Linda,
Just to let you know the flowers arrived safely this morning, they are soooooooo GORGEOUS!!! The lillies look so real and they even feel real, I have to keep telling myself they aren't!! :-)
So pleased with them, thanks so much, your work is fantastic!!
Thanks again, :-)

20a pkg *vicky 217 pkg*
brides bouquet + 2 adult wands & 1 tots flower girl wand...this theme is silver butterflies/pink roses purple gems & purple feathers

Hi Linda

They've arrived and look wonderful!! Very happy with them and can't wait to walk down the aisle with them. :)

I *might* be needing an extra corsage/buttonhole for my nan - so I will probably be in touch again soon to sort that out but just wanted to let you know the flowers had arrived safe and sound.

Thank you so much,


21a pkg *kelly 322 pkg*
a brides bouquet and 2 x bridesmaids posies ...this colour theme is hot pink & ivory

hi linda sorry for the delay with moving etc.,
the flowers arrived and are perfect
of course i will recommend you to anybody who needs your help and am happy to do so
was a pleasure doing buisness with you linda (8
ill let you no how it all goes
kindest regards
kelly and lee

22a pkg *joni 625 pkg* a brides teardrop/shower bouquet with bridesmaids posies and flowergirls wand

*elaine 235c pkg* a brides calla lily bouquet/2 x adult bridesmaids handtieds and 1 x junior handtied .with a plum/aubergine/col theme

Hello Linda, as per our telephone call, our flowers have arrived safely and in superb condition.many thanks for all your hard work, they are absouletely gorgeous.
~We are looking forward to our big day and will send you our photographs, with your lovely flowers as soon as we can. Love Elaine and Dave. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


23a pkg *lesley393 pkg*
brides calla lily bouquet/handtied & 5 x adult bridesmaids calla lily handtieds with turquoise gems/bling

Hi Linda

The flowers arrived at 3pm today, mum was getting worried when they were not there by 1pm.

The flowers are lovely and thank you very much.

The ribbons are a bit squashed as you predicted but were fine when I straightened them out. They are now safely stored away from sunlight in a cool place so will be fine until July.

I will send a couple of photos after the big day.
Thank you and take care.
Lesley x

24a pkg *andrea 296 pkg*
brides bouquet 3 x bridesmaids wrist corsages and buttonholes & mums corsages

I've finally got the flowers!!! I had to go down to the post office as i just missed the delivery!! Had a small scare too as the box was dented in one side, but everything was fine inside!!
They are absolutely amazing!!!!!
I love them soooooo much!!!
I'm desparate to show them off but i need to keep at least a few surprises for the big day!! Obviously had to show mum and she loves them too!
Thank you so so much!!
Andrea. x x x


25a pkg *vicki 287 pkg*
a brides bouquet & 2 x adult bridesmaids feather posies all have lots of silver gems/crystal & butterflies

26a pkg *lisa 386pkg* brides bouquet/grooms & guests/mums buttonholes & corsages

27a pkg *sheila 281 pkg*
a brides posy,2 x junior posies,grooms, bestman, and 2 x young men's buttonholes. this is a theme of ivory roses, diamante pins & royal blue col theme

hi linda..the flowers have arrived! they are more beautiful than imagined, thank you emensley...i cant wait to show them off on my wedding day, only 5 weeks away. im forever grateful shiela xxx

28a pkg*emma s..345pkg*
a brides & 2 adult bridesmaids calla handtieds with purple bling

29a pkg *paula 436 pkg*
a brides red & ivory rose posy with diamante pins in roses.+ grooms & 3 guests red rose buttonholes

30a pkg *stacey 376 po*
brides or adult bridesmaids ivory rose pomander with gold ribbon & butterflies & diamante pins with matching wrist corsage

31a pkg *stacey 203 pkg*
A brides pomander with ivory ribbon and matching wrist corsage with matching grooms ivory with gold beads

32a pkg *jemma 297 pkg*
brides calla lily handtied ,adult bridesmaids calla lily & red rose handtied + 2 x younger bridesmaids calla lily handtieds with red roses & silver bling

33a pkg *sue 318 pkg*
a brides posy & 3 x bridesmaids posies & 1 x rose & butterfly wand flowergirl wand.
this is package has been designed in a lovely navy blue colour theme
all roses ahsve damante pins in them...and all the stems have bling up them...(as do most of my designs)

34a pkg shelley +davids'
(see their wedding pics amongst our bride/grooms on the left)
this teardrop has purple and ivory roses..each rose has diamante pin...and i have added lovely pearl loops...with a matching bridesmaids posy

35a pkg *candy 398 po*
2 x posies of ivory pearl headed pins,diamante pins and pink butterflies hot pink ribbon

36a pkg *selina.389 pkg*
a brides handtied/ 2 adult bridesmaids handtieds,4 adult wands,1 wand for 5yr old flowergirl

37a pkg *vicky 401 pkg*
a brides posy,adult wand, flowergirl butterfly wand/

38a pkg "vicky 31 "
1 x brides handtied,1 x bridesmaid handtied, and 5 x f/girl wands

morning linda
The flowers are amazing, we received them yesterday lunch time, we are over the moon with them, we have never seen anything like them, i had a tear in my eye and they are exactly how i wonted them. Thank you so much, you have been great since the first e-mail i sent you and i have already been recommending you to a couple of friends who are getting married next year and i'll be forwarding you photos after the wedding 11th july 2009.
Thanks again
vicky and matt
39a pkg *emma "n" 295 po*
brides handtied calla lily bouquet & calla lily buttonholes

hiya linda,
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR MY BEAUTIFUL PERFECT FLOWERS! I am over the moon with them. I will send you some pics of my big day!!
Thanks again, I have highly recommended you to all my friends.
Keep up the good work, your very talented!
lots of love from
Emma xx
40a pkg *corinne 395 pkg*
brides & adult bridesmaids calla lily handtieds.this colour theme is gold/ivory/champagne

41a pkg *joanne 763 pkg*
a brides posy & bridesmaids wand, this is a silver & ivory colour theme. the brides posy has a beautiful silver bling caged effect

42a pkg *claire 673 po*
brides & 2 x bridesmaids tulip handtieds

43a pkg *claire 43 pkg*
a brides and 2 x bridesmaids tulip handtieds

44a pkg *selina520 pkg*
brides handtied of tulips & roses & 1 of 4 adult bridesmaids wand

45a pkg *emma h2 pkg*
brides posy,2 bridesmaids posies & flower girl wand

46a pkg "linda F(pkg) "
a brides handtied posy of roses,gerberas & bling ,plus flower girls gerbera wand & grooms rose b/hole

47a pkg * nix 729 pkg*
a brides & 6 x bridesmaids handtieds with orchids calla lilies and roses

48a pkg "emma pkg 1"
a brides posy +2 adults posies + teens posy & flowergirl wand

49a pkg *erica r2 pkg*
brides & 2 bridesmaids posies with a colour theme of black/ivory/silver

50a pkg *sue 720 pkg*
a brides & 2 bridesmaids handtied posies with gerberas/sunflowers & daisies plus buttonholes

51a pkg "kelly 6 pkg"
a brides teardrop/shower bouquet and 3 bridesmaids posies

52a pkg "louise b3 (pkg)"
a brides posy/handtied of roses/gerberas and bling & 2 adult bridesmaids posies

53a pkg
"louise 7(pkg)"
a brides posy/handtied & adult bridesmaids flowers/single decorated 12" headed flower

54a pkg
"louise m2(pkg)"
a brides and 2 adult bridesmaids calla handtieds

55a pkg "helen g 7(pkg)"
brides posy,bridesmaids posy, buttonholes and corsges

56a pkg "angela 6(pkg)"
brides posy, buttonholes and bridesmaids & flowergirls posies

57a pkg "helen g6(pkg)"
brides posy & 3 x adult bridesmaids wands

58a pkg "janet7(pkg)"
teardrop and bridesmaids posies

59a pkg "janet 9(pkg)"
posies for BRIDE and bridesmaids

60a pkg "joyce3(pkg)"
brides teardrop/shower bouquet and 2 x adult bridesmaids posies
these have various reds/pinks roses/orchids/gold bling and assorted foliages....finished off with pretty champagne bows

61a pkg "catherine 2(pkg)"
a brides & 2 bridesmaids posies ,these have dark turquoise/teal ribbon and silver wired bling up the stems

62a pkg "lyndsay 2(pkg)"
a brides posy, adult bridesmaids posy & flowergirl wand

63a pkg "lisa 14(pkg)"
brides posy,asdult b/maids wrist corsage,teddie wrist corsage
& grooms button hole

wow.....words cant describe......they are more than i ever expected...they are beautiful

as you've probably guessed i have recieved my wedding flowers i am stunned at how lovely they are i want my wedding to be this saturday so i can walk down the aisle with them.....i cant wait

thank you for making them and making everything fall into place, your fantastic at what you do and i will always tell people about your work and they should use you for weddings!

cant wait to send you some photos from our big day

thank you again
lisa x


64a pkg "mandy 5(pkg)"
brides teardrop of orchids,tulips,calla lilies and adult calla wands

65a pkg kay & david(pkg)"
brides posy,plus adult & childs wands + mums corsages

66a pkg " leanne 8(pkg) "
brides and bridesmaids posy/handtieds in ivory claret & with gold bling

67a pkg "tulip(pkg)"
brides tulip and gold bling handtied + complimentary buttonholes

68a pkg " emma 6 (pkg)"
brides & bridesmaids posies in choc/ivory and gold bling theme

69a pkg "karen 3(pkg)"
brides and bridesmaids posies in ivory/lilac with silver bling

70a pkg " heather 4(pkg) "
2 x adult bridesmaids calla handtieds and junior decorated calla

71a pkg "cherie(pkg)"
brides and bridesmaids handtieds with complimentary b/holes

72a pkg "lucy(pkg)"
butterfly wands and brides gerbera handtied,choc/ivory/gold theme

73a pkg "ricky(pkg)"
1 x maid of honour and 2 x bridesmaids posies of deep red and ivory roses with silver bling

74a pkg "rachael p (pkg)"
brides teardrop bouquet & bridesmaids small teardrop

75a pkg "emma3(pkg)"
brides and bridesmaids pink rose posies with diamante pins

76a pkg
"chisom pkg"
brides posy,wrist corsages & b/holes

77a pkg "leanne3(pkg)"
calla wedding package,includes brides and b/maids handtieds, groom buttonhole and buttonholes for guests

78a pkg "teresa3(pkg)"
brides and bridesmaids posies + b/holes & corsages

79a pkg "michaela(pkg)"
brides calla handtied ans buttonhole/corsage package

80a pkg "carole(pkg)"
brides and bridesmaids calla handtieds & assorted flowergirl wands

81a pkg "rosie(pkg)"
brides calla handtied & adult bridesmaids wand

82a pkg "lori(pkg)" scottish theme
a brides posy of roses with heather and thistles and grooms buttonhole

83a pkg "alison h(pkg) "
brides & 2 b/maids gerbera & rose posies with gold loops and bling

84a pkg "kim 1(pkg)"
brides & bridesmaids rose posies of claret and ivory with silver bling

85a pkg "gina(pkg)"
simple yet elegant calla package consists of brides,bridesmaids hantieds and groom and wedding party buttonholes

86a pkg "karen(pkg)"
4 x handtieds & wand calla package with butterflies

87a pkg "teri(pkg)"
baby pink roses & cerise ribbon

88a pkg "loretta(pkg)" package
1 x brides posy & 6 x b/maids rose posies package

89a pkg "carrie-anne(pkg)"
calla & rose handtied with b/holes

90a pkg "steph package"
red & ivory package...includes brides teardrop,bridesmaids wands and flower girl teddie basket

91a pkg "kath(pkg)"
adults b/maid wand,corsage & buttonhole package

92a pkg "delia(pkg)"
calla & rose handtied & black theme

93a pkg "karen9(pkg)"
calla & rose package in gold/ivory/champagne & dark blue theme

94a pkg "henrietta(pkg)"
rose pkg for bride and bridesmaid incorperating black and silver theme

95a pkg " sarah j(pkg)"
calla package
comprising of brides handtied,flower girl wand and buttonholes

96a pkg "carmel(pkg)"
this is a brides calla handtied and complimenting b/holes for the wedding party

97a pkg "donnatelle(pkg)"
calla lilie package...this is a package for the bride/bridesmaid and flower girl....and the col theme is purple/ivory and gold

98a pkg "hayley(pkg)"
brides handtied posy and 1 x bridesmaids posy/handtied of ivory/lilac/lavender roses with added silver bling

here again with 5 x bridesmaids and flower girls...these have bows

99a pkg "imelda(pkg) " pkg
brides teardrop & bridesmaids posy

100a pkg "verity" pkg
brides ivory & silver calla handtied

"verity" bridesmaids (smaller version of brides)

"verity"this is a flower girls single calla wand

101a pkg "cindy" pkg
brides and 2 x bridesmaids callas/roses/silver bling handtied package

"cindy" as above....but without the brides bouquet

102 pkg "letizia" pkg
3 x b/maids calla lilie handtieds. choc/ivory/silver theme

103a pkg "mary" package
brides calla handtied & 3 x adult b/maids single calla lilies

104a pkg "nicole" package
1 x brides & 3 x bridesmaids handtieds choc/ivory/gold theme

105a pkg "emma(pkg)"
ivory roses & red and gold bling package

106a pkg "anne" pkg
"wild look"package. this is a teardrop/shower bouquet of roses,orchids & calla's with complimenting 4 x bridesmaids posies


with b/holes and corsages

108a pkg "jackie" package teardrop,single callas & b/holes

109a pkg molly pkg

110a pkg sara pkg

111a pkg "jo(pkg)"
brides & bridesmaids corsages for them to attach to thier fur muffs

112a pkg "daisy(pkg)"
a package consisting of brides teardrop bouquet & 2 x adult single decorated gerberas . this package has silver and blue bling

113a pkg paula pkg

114a pkg viv pkg

115a pkg clarissa pkg

116a pkg stephanie pkg

lidia pkg

117a pkg susan pkg

118a pkg delores pkg

119a pkg gillian pkg

120a pkg alison pkg

121a pkg anabelle pkg

122a pkg jo pkg

123a pkg alice pkg

124a pkg rhoda pkg

125a pkg lynette pkg

126a pkg rachel pkg

127a pkg emma pkg

128a pkg sandra pkg

129a pkg patunia pkg

130a pkg lola pkg

140a pkg raquel pkg

141a pkg helen pkg

142a pkg anita pkg

143a pkg katy pkg

144a pkg lorna pkg

145a pkg beatrice pkg

146a pkg zara pkg

147a pkg jayne pkg

148a pkg geraldine pkg

149a pkg bethany pkg

150a pkg heather pkg

151a pkg caroline pkg

152a pkg sunita pkg

153a pkg patricia pkg...front & back view

154a pkg rhonda pkg

155a pkg fay pkg

156a pkg nicky pkg

157a pkg carmen pkg

158a pkg samantha pkg

159a pkg karen pkg

160a pkg bonnie pkg

161a pkg donna pkg

162a pkg marianne pkg

163a pkg emma-louise pkg
## Your picture: '2550860032_fc9575c0a9(1).jpg' has been inserted here

164a pkg thistle package

165APKG.....* suze.... pkg* a brides bouquet/posy of white roses and white feathers with diamante pins and finished with a pretty champagne bow.shown here with complimenting grooms buttonhole and adult bridesmaids wand

166a/*gemma o...pkg. a small hand tied teardrop calla lily bouquet with bear grasses ivory ribbon and crystals/gems/bling.shown here with 3 x adult bridesmaids hand tied calla lily bouquets

167A/....*melissa T. pkg* a brides dusky pink calla lily bouquet with bear grass,diamante pins,crystal type gems, dusky pink ribbon,and finished with a pretty dusky pink bow...shown here with an adult bridesmaids calla lily bouquet with dusky pink,and 2 x flower girls wands with dusky pink

168a/..*jade H pkg* a brides cadbury purple rose posy/bouquet with diamante pins .the stems have been wrapped with ivory ribbon. shown here with 3 x adult bridesmaids calla lily bouquets/handtieds with purple ribbon and purple gems/crystals

169a/ JADE H....BM/PKG .3 x adult bridesmaids calla lily bouquets/handtieds with looped and straight bear grasses, plus purple ribbon and purple gems/crystals

170a/ laura p pkg a brides bouquet and 3 x bridesmaids bouquets with spiral beads and clear gems and assorted butterflies. The ribbon is purple. shown with complimenting adult bridesmaids bouquets