Most designs here are designed in a posie dish.this is because i wouldnt like to risk sending glass via courier.
I can design these in most colours of flowers and quantities.
These are usually designed to compliment your wedding theme,
therefore please ask if you dont see the colour you are looking for, as i have a huge amount of differant SILK flowers in stock TO MAKE YOUR TABLE CENTREPIECES THE "WOW FACTOR"

i have 20 of these available...FOR PICK UP ONLY!!!
i can decorate these if you wish?

these are silver in colour ith the glass/diamand type droplets


claire 1.. t/dec. table decoration with purple/ivory roses and various foliages

*chere pkg + t dec*
a brides bouquet of cadbury purple roses/ivory roses/ purple& clear gems/cystals/and silver & off white butterflies.shown with complimenting "welcome table" decoration

* gillian 219 tcp* a top table centrepiece of orchids/gerberas/black gems and bear grasses


*donna & ians wedding day* the top table CENTREPIECE/ floral decorations which i made

*donna & ians wedding day* their venue with the table centrepiece table displays i made

stu & adam table centrepieces

" marie and nick " rose and gold bling table centrepiece

sutyee's wedding table centrepiece decoration in situ

here again (the pic i took)

*rachel & shauns* top table centrepiece decoration OF ASSORTED ROSES AND STARGAGER LILLIES WITH ACCENTS OF GOLD WIRED GEMS

* kerry 0237 table* a top table centrepiece with purple/ivory roses/ purple & clear gems with butterflies

*jemma/stephen dec*
a large top table centrepiece/decoration of deep red and ivory roses, calla lilies and silver bling

claire 1.. t/dec table decoration with purple/ivory roses and various foliages

*suze t/decs* 2 x table decorations of roses/feathers/gems/diamante pins

*selina 325 dec*
a top table centrepiece/arrangement of tulips/roses/spider leaves/
wax flower/silver beads/spirals and looped/arched grasses

*tammy 386 dec*
top table centrepiece decoration of ivory and deep red/claret/bergundy roses with silver butterflies & bling

*vicky 386 dec*
4 table centrepieces decorations

* leonie 396 dec*
this is a 12ft garland for table or pillars

"rachel & andrews" table centrepiece and rachels bouquet

*nix 289 t/c* top table centrepiece
a 28/30" arrangement of roses calla lilies,orchids and silver bling

*nix 836 dec* alter arrangement
this a an arrangement for the pedastal/alter with orchids/roses/calla lillies

*nix 7368 dec*top table centrepieces & 2 x table centrepieces & chapel decorations

*claire 501 t/dec*
a 3ft top table centrepiece of tulips/orchids/roses and bling

* donna 98t/d
calla lillies/roses/lilies/butterflies and gold bling table centrepiece

*donna948 tdecs*
table centrepieces with other other table decorations

*donna945 tdec*
top table centrepices/decorations & 1 of 10 guests table decs

*donna946 tdec*
1 of 10 guests table centrepieces dec (donna will provide her own chosen vase

*donna 853 tdec*

*donna 854 tdec*
as above... but with more grasses

"rachel 3"
a top table decoration of assorted roses/stargazer lillies/
calla lillies...and silver bling/spirals

*michelle 77 t/dec*
top table decoration/centrepiece of roses with diamante pins

"jadie 6"
rose table centrepiece with bear grass

this is a sample of the type of pedastal arrangements we have to offer,and can be made in most col themes

2 x rose/bling/feather/heather centrepieces

" rebecca"

"wendy" top table centrepiece of assorted orchids

rose/thistle & heather centrepiece

here again with complimenting brides bouquet/buttonhole and corsage

oval table centrepiece arrangement of roses/bling ....can be xmas theme

a round table centrepiece...xmas wedding cols

round top table centrepiece arrangement of roses/bling and berries

"christina" rose & grass table centrepiece decoration

roses/calla/butterfly top table centrepiece

this is an orchid arrangement made in a tall glass lilly vase

sunflower arrangement,this has been made in a posy dish

roses/calla's gold bling top table decoration in ivory/gold & chocolate

" rose"
orchids,roses and gold beads table decoration

"rachel & andrew" rose & thistle centrepiece

hilary ch/r rose candle ring shown with candle

hilary ch/r rose candle rings

nick ch/r

sally ch/r

sylvia ch/r

annette ch/r

noleen ch/r

christina ch/r

bella ch/r

andrea ch/r

juliette ch/r

clarissa ch/r

becky ch/r

tabatha ch/r

cilla ch/r

kimberley ch/r
front of table design

tracey ch/r
front of table design

lucy ch/r
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gina ch/r

caroline ch/r

sam & adam ch/r
table garland

table garland in situ

sam & adam ch/r
these are the small posies i made to add to vases