Buttonholes Collection

michelles wedding day


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A little bit of advice.....may help you when choosing buttonholes.
a lot of couples planning thier wedding have the opinion that they must provide buttonholes or corsages for all thier guests....this is not so....most couples provide for the "main wedding party" only.
i.e groom,bestman, ushers/groomsmen pageboys,dads,and maybe grandads.
corsages are usually provided for special lady guests attending your wedding ..such as mums and grandma's (see my corsage collection)
Traditionaly the groom has his buttonhole to compliment his brides bouquet.....or if you decide you prefer all the same buttonholes for all the wedding party....then we could make the grooms more special.


*elizabeth 983 bh* a scottish buttonhole/corsage of thistles and berries with macgregor tartan bow













13 bh....*andy/ria b/h* a grooms double ivory & cadbury purple rose buttonhole with diamante pins

14bh....*beth bh/pkg* 3 x calla lilie buttonhole package with diamante pins looped grasses and gold ribbon for groom,bestman & pageboy

15bh.....*nicola r.....bh/pkg* a cadbury purple rose buttonhole package of 9... includes grooms/bestman/ 4 x pageboys for various ages,and 3 x wedding party.

16bh.....*kendra bh*.....2 pageboys and 4 wedding party ivory rose buttonholes with diamante pins and all stems have been bound with turquoise ribbon.


18BH " steph bh* a grooms yellow sunflower buttonhole trimmed with black/silver

19BH...*gill 926 bh/crg* a grooms calla lily buttonhole & brides corsage with red gems/crystals,looped bear grass & diamante pins

20BH/.....*nikki f...bh* *nikki f....po* a grooms scotthish thistle & rose buttonhole with heather and blackwatch tartan ribbon/diamante pins...shown with complimenting bestmans buttonhole

21bh*ami...bh* a grooms double calla lilie buttonhole with pink ribbon,pink butterflyand looped bear grass & diamante pins

22bh....* mary & mike of iduzphotograghy.co.uk* a brides calla lily bouquet with purple gems & assorted bear grasses with 2 butterflies to back & front ,& finished with pretty champagne/dark ivory ribbon/bow.shown here with grooms calla lily buttonhole and 6 x wedding party buttonholes

23BH* lynne navy blue b/h pkg 2* a grooms ivory rose buttonhole,shown with complimenting bestmans and 2 x pageboys buttonholes and 3 x wedding party buttonholes

24BH.....*katrina scottish bh/pkg* a grooms buttonhole of white rose /thistle/gems/heather *Pride of Bannockburn tartan*shown with complimenting bestmans buttonhole

*anne & mike bh* a grooms double rose of ivory and purple &diamante pins,shown with bestmans purple rose buttonhole and 5 x wedding party buttonholes

26BH....*tracy f ...b/h pkg* 7 x wedding party rose buttonhoes with bear grass & turquoise ribbon/diamante pins

27bh/ *ami wbh/crg/pkg* grooms,bestmans,gents, mum, nan, pageboys calla lily buttonholes.

28bh/ *renee p..bh/crg* a grooms calla lily buttonhole with lucky heather/thistle/purple gems/purple ribbon nad diamante pins. shown here with complimenting ladies corsage with added purple bow.

24A...* suze.... bh* a grooms white rose buttonhole with white feather & diamante pins and finished with a pretty champagne ribbon

25A...*anne m...bh* 3 x wedding party scottish themed buttonhole swith thistles/heather/calla lilie and "pride of scotland tartan

26a...*Christielle bh/pkg* a grooms double calla lily buttonhole with looped grasses and trimmed with black & silver with diamante pins.shown with smaller buttonhole for pageboy(mini me of daddie's)

27a...* lynne navy blue b/h pkg 1* a grooms ivory rose buttonhole,show with complimenting bestmans and 2 x pageboys buttonholes

28a...*tracy m.....bh pkg* a grooms ivory rose buttonhole with diamante pins and caged blue/clear gems. finished off with a pretty light blue ribbon. shown here with complimenting bestmans and 2 x wedding party buttonholes

29a/ *melissa T...cbh/rg/pkg* 1 x grooms dusky pink calla lily buttonhole with bear grass,diamante pins, gems and pretty dusky pink ribbon . shown here with a bestmans dusky pink calla lily buttonhole, 2 x ushers and 2 x mums dusky pink calla lily corsages to compliment

30a/ *jade H bh/pkg* a grooms calla lily buttonhole with cadbury purple ribbon and gems. shown here with 2 x complimenting pageboys calla lily buttonholes

31a/ *carly bh* a grooms scottish thistle buttonhole with scottish macgregor tartan ribbon/bow

32a/*ami wbh/crg/pkg* grooms,bestmans,gents, mum, nan, pageboys calla lily buttonholes.

33a/ becky h...bh/pkg*1 x grooms calla lily buttonhole with gold wired gems and looped grass diamante pins and gold ribbon,+1 x bestmans buttonhole,1 x brother of the bride,1 x father of the bride and 1 x pageboys buttonhole to compliement

34a *melissa T...crg/pkg* 2 x mums dusky pink calla lily corsages with bear grass,diamante pins, gems and pretty dusky pink ribbon and bow. shown here with a grooms dusky pink calla lily buttonhole

*shuri b/h* a grooms calla lily buttonhole with gold gems and looped bear grasses

*dads b/h* ivory rose buttonhole with gyp and looped grasses

*david 326 bh* a grooms calla lily buttonhole with bestmans calla lily buttonhole

*simon 231 bh* grooms calla lily buttonhole

*callum 237* grooms calla lily buttonhole with grasses & purple gems and pink stem

*kirk 348 bh* grooms calla lily buttonhole with lilac feathers

*jon 325 bh* grooms buttonhole double ivory roses blue stem and blue gems

* simon 283 bh* 1 0f 10 guests calla lily buttonholes

*tulip 236 bh pkg*
1 x dads,2 x bestmen and teeny rose buttonhole for pageboy

*seb 275 bh*
grooms tulip buttonhole with diamante pins

*tom 234 bh*
a grooms lily of the valley buttonhole with looped grasses/bear grass and bergundy pearls

*david 254 b/h*
deep red orchid buttonhole with ivy

*richard 275 b/h*
grooms,bestmans, & & 2 x young mens ivory rose buttonholes in royal blue col theme

*ben 286 bh*
black rose buttonhole with feathers/diamante pins

*rob 365 bh*
ivory rose and lily of the valley buttonhole

*patrick 347 bh*
grooms & bestmans calla lily buttonholes

*brad 345 bh*
grooms red rose buttonhole with looped grasses and stem bound in red satin

*brad 386 b/h*
grooms red rose buttonhole with diamante pins a gyp

*stefan 476 bh* g
rooms ivory rose buttonhole with ivory stem and diamante & gold detail

*lisa r 458 bh/crg
2 gents & 2 x ladies ivory rose buttonholes with red bling

*stephen 237 b/h*
2 x pageboys calla lily buttonholes

*stephen 375 bh* 5 x wedding party deep red rose buttonholes

*stephen 492 bh*
grooms calla lily buttonhole with white ribbon & daimantes

*graham 256 b/h*
a two toned rose buttonhole of royal blue/light blue

*andrew 531 bh*
groom & 2 x male guests hot pink tulip buttonholes

*dan 235 bh*
plum/purple/grape/aubergine rose buttonhole

*jermaine 369bh* plum/aubergine calla buttonhole

*wesley 208 b/h*
burnt orange calla buttonhole

*christian 537bh* hot pink calla buttonhole

*ben 239 bh*
grooms & 2 x pageboys calla lilie buttonholes bound in choc ribbon

*tony 596 b/h* groom & pageboys calla buttonholes

*jonty 389 b/h*
grooms calla lily buttonhole

*stephen 548B/H* grooms calla buttonhole

tracey 34 bh*
red gerbera b/holewith looped grasses

* freddie 549 b/h*
cream carnation buttonhole with firn

*tracey 35 bh*
grooms sunflower b/hole

*dwayne 67 bh*
grooms and weding party tulip buttonholes

*mikey 1bh*
grooms ivory rose buttonhole with BLACK diamante pins

*danny 1bh*
grooms calla lily buttonhole bound with silver ribbon.. with looped grases & diamante pins

"matt 1 " bh
a grooms calla buttonhole...bound with pale pink ribbon

"matt 3" bh
bestmans calla b/hole ...this has hot pink satin ribbon

a grooms calla lily buttonhole and mums calla lily corsage..this is a black/ivory & gold theme

"matt 2" (bh)
8 x guests calla buttonholes .the stems are bound in pink satin, and each has pink diamantes in the stemen

"jody c4" (bh)
1 x grooms and 4 x wedding party calla buttonholes,these have looped grasses, silver diamante detail in the stemen...and bound with silver satin ribbon.

grooms and mums calla corsage

a selection of rose butonholes using the ivory/pink/purple theme

"karen g2"
buttonholes & mums corsage

"jessica 21"(bh)
grooms & 5 guests calla buttomholes

a grooms and wedding party calla buttonholes

"nik 3"
corsage & buttonhole package

"ray 1"
ivory rose buttonhole with diamante pin

"john 3"
grooms double ivory & deep red rose buttonhole with gyp

grooms(with feather) & bestman(with looped brown grasses calla b/holes

grooms double rose b/hole with turquoise bling and ribbon

calla/grasses/bling b/hole

" ricky p "
groom & guests b/holes

"david t "
pink rose b/holes with gyp

"chisom bh"
groom & bestmans buttonholes

buttonholes/corsage pkge...includes heather/rose & feather

" chris 1 " scottish theme
grooms rose buttonhole with thistle & heather..and brides posy


calla buttonhole & corsge package...inc grooms,pageboys,guest & mum

"ricky "
gerbera buttonhole/corsage package

grooms double rose buttonhole single rose guests b/holes

rose & feather b/hole

calla buttonholes with looped grasses and firn (small pageboys bottom left)

red rose buttonhole with diamante pin

orchid b/hole with grasses

orchid/grasses/leaf b/hole

6 calla buttonholes,1 x grooms 2 mums & corsages

groom & mums calla package...close up of above package

orchid/grasses/leaf b/hole

rose/thistle/heather buttonhole

these are calla b/holes
wrapped in purple for groom/bestman/mum/dad/brother/sister-inlaw

calla b/holes wrapped in ivory ribbon for guests and mum

calla & gyp b/hole with silver bling

cadbury's purple rose buttonhole with looped beads,gyp & diamante pin

ivory rose buttonhole with diamante pin,purple wax flower & beaded loop

"andrina" grooms b/hole & mums corsage

"Terry" grooms ivory & lilac rose buttonhole

"heath" grooms buttonhole

rose/gyp/grass buttonhole

kelvin bh

" ollie" double daisy & gyp buttonhole

" ollie 2 " gerbera and gyp buttonhole

"charley" ivory gerbera b/hole (no gyp)

"jonathan" gebera & gyp buttonhole

"granville" calla & berries b/hole

Conway bh

benjamin bh

rodney b/h

nathan b/h

ryan b/h

"mark" calla package

darren b/h

andrew b/h

anthony b/h

ricky b/h

"robert" rose package

alex small carnation b/h

harry b/h

chesney b/h

simon b/h

louis b/h

ned b/h

geoff b/h

bertie b/h


ralph b/h

calla autumn leaves gold bling and stem wrapped in dark brown

noel b/h

william b/h

carl b/h



adam b/h

"christian" boys & gents b/holes

"kevin" gerbera buttonhole package


"domanic" gebera buttonhole

"john" assorted thistle designs



"carl" double roses...pink & ivory


"graham" groom & pageboy




"chris" groom/bestman/pageboy








"steven" groom & guests calla package










"billy" rose and gyp buttonhole

buttonhole and corsage packages

"charles" guests rose b/holes

1 x groom, 9 x coursages,7 x b/holes,+pageboy & ringbearer

buttonhole/corsage package

"charles" b/hole & corsage package

coursage & buttonhole package of roses

corsage & buttonhole package of calla lillies

"terry" groom & guests buttonholes

"marcus" groom & bestman calla buttonholes

"marcus" teeny weeny calla b/hole

"anthony" groom & bestman buttonholes

"heath" groom & pageboy's buttonholes

"richard" groom & guests calla b/holes

groom & bestman calla buttonholes

calla b/hole package with gold bling