See our huge range here....beautifully created especially for you Here are just a few examples of our "REAL TOUCH" calla lily bouquets/calla lilies *fake calla lilies/silk calla lilies/artificial calla lilies and calla lily wands* and here are a few calla lily designs we've put together in a collage All our calla lily/bridal calla lily bouquets and bridesmaids calla lily bouquets and wands are soooooo gorgeous & very realistic. WE NEVER USE THE CHEAP FOAM OR CLOTH CALLA LILIES, OURS ARE HIGH QUALITY "REAL TOUCH" CALLA LILIES As you can see by the pictures, we've complimented colour themes by adding accessories.... ***************************************************************** CALLA LILY WANDS HERE ARE A FEW EXAMPLES OF COMPLIMENTING WANDS *senita 196 po* a brides bouquet of purple/bergundy/plum/aubergine/egg plant calla lilies. *gemma 932 bmw* 2 x calla lily bridesmaids wands.with ivory ribbon and purple gems in stemen ,silver gems on stem. * *jeni 963 bmw* 2 bridesmiads calla lily wands with black and silver theme *michele 979bmw* 3 x flowergirl/bridesmaids calla lilie wands.with bear grass,purple gems,silver looped gems & finished with a pretty purple bow ******************************************************************* *lisa 921 po* a brides calla lily bouquet with looped bear grass and silver wired crystals.,finished with a pretty silver bow. Also with complimenting grooms & bestmans buttonholes. bridal bouquets/bridesmaids bouquets ...most colour themes catered for 1cpo/ royal blue theme...emma 2cpo...emma...ivory See our huge range here....all can be beautifully created especially for you.